We are engineer and musician from Germany.
Together we are pragmatic dreamers. Our „Pragmacreativity“ enabled us to think ambitiously while we have the courage for taking small steps.

Kathleen Michl

Levan about Kathleen:

„THE ALERT MIND. She thinks quickly and innovatively and is a master of multitasking. She goes on journeys of discovery with curiosity. It’s fun to watch how fluently and easily she translates complex interconnections and creative ideas from the team into understandable structures and vivid images.“

Levan Kurashvili

Kathleen about Levan:

„THE QUIET IDEA MAN. Multifaceted, optimistic and imaginative, he sets the mood for the audience. His enthusiasm and infectious commitment to the topics arouse motivation and creativity. A great sense for aesthetics and quality help him to meet the highest demands. At the same time, his patient, sensitive and warm-hearted manner balance the path of this team.“